Short Story Wednesday part 9

Hey everyone, sorry I am day behind on the story, life got in the way. Here we go Short Story Wednesday on a Thursday! Thanks for reading.

William was blown back by the blast. He had thought that the doors might be armed with an explosive; so he had found a rock and threw it standing, about twenty feet away from the door. He felt his feet lift him off the ground as the power of the blast uprooted him and flung him a good ten feet. He groaned in pain, trying to see through the debris. He could make out a figure, tied in a chair towards the middle of the room and knew that it was Dan, Jack’s roommate. Dan, did not look well, he was bleeding from the shrapnel of the explosion. William felt stupid for not thinking through Dan being inside the room. He was trying his best to hurry over to Dan. He was limping as his leg was writhing in pain. He prayed to God that Dan was still alive.

Stanley’s heart was pounding when he heard the explosion, how many people were here he wondered? He looked back towards where the explosion came from, he heard a sound come from behind him, he knew what that sound was. A second later, he hit the floor as the bullet flew through his back, he felt another one strike him in the back of the head. Blood freely poured out of him. His world became black.

Jack’s hand was shaking; he could not believe that he had killed a man. Chris ran passed him shouting, “William are you ok?” Jack tried to regain his composure, but he found himself weeping silently. If only he had not been in the wrong place at the wrong time, if only he had not given away that he was in the room when the drug dealers were, then none of this would have happened, his life would be normal. He would be working at the coffee shop, going on dates with Victoria. Instead he was now stepping over a dead body of someone he had killed. His thoughts now turned to Dan and William. He ran down the stairs and found William untying the ropes that had bound Dan. Chris was helping hold Dan up. Jack ran towards them. A gunshot rang out…

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