This past Monday was the series finale of my favorite sitcom How I Met Your Mother. This show has meant a lot to me, it was a funny quirky show with a sensitive side. The writing was really fantastic. There were scenes that made you laugh and scenes that made you cry. All of the characters were easy to relate to. I really enjoyed the series finale as it answered some questions that I had in my mind about the characters, while they also threw in a surprise twist ending, which not everyone liked but I was good with it.

Endings, how to do you deal with the end of a job? The passing of a loved one or a friend? Have you thought about the legacy that you will leave behind once your own life ends? This is something that I have been pondering since Monday night; leave it to a sitcom to get me to start thinking about deep, heavy stuff! My life will eventually have an ending. What message do I want to preach with my life? I have gathered a few thoughts about how I will know if I finished well.

  • If I end my life still loving God and loving others and sharing His Gospel that’s a good ending for me.
  • If I still love my wife, future children, family go out of my to love them and support them and help them that will be a good ending for me
  • If I am still willing to take risks and grow in my faith even if it requires me to give up the comforts of this world I know I will have finished strong.

Loving God and others with all my heart, mind, and soul is how I want to live from now, until the last page of my script is written.

What do you want your ending to look like?

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