Readers are Leaders

One of my favorite things to do is read. I have loved it ever since I was a child. I taught myself how to read off the backs of Baseball Cards. I have been hooked on books for as long as I can remember. The importance of reading is something, that I have had a vague since of for a while now. It’s really within the last part of my twenties and my early thirties (Which I am still in), that I recognize the true value of reading.

I have heard the cliché thrown around readers are leaders. I believe that it is very true. When one is reading many different things, it helps one gain a different perspective. It allows the individual to understand more about a subject, or a topic of interest. Dr. Albert Mohler President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, states that

Leadership requires a constant flow of intelligence, ideas, and information. There is no way to gain the basics of leadership without reading. “The Conviction to Read” 

I have found that the more that I have read on a certain topic of interest it gives me a new and fresh perspective. I have found that it works best to be well-rounded in my reading, meaning that I read things from a perspective I agree with and one that I disagree with just so I can see the arguments that both are using to make their points. Even though, I have years of experience in youth ministry, since I became the Youth Pastor at my church, I have invested plenty of hours reading about how others are doing youth ministry in 2014. It has really helped give me ideas that I had never thought of before for how to best lead my youth group. It also humbles me and helps me to see how much I have to learn. I choose to invest some of my work hours to reading because I know that will help me grow in my ability to lead.

What are some books that have inspired you as a leader?

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