Love One Another

I love Jesus and sometimes following Him is not that easy, even though it is very simple to follow Jesus. Following Jesus means to follow His commands and to love Him and to love one another unconditionally. Yet I believe, that loving people unconditionally is one of the hardest things on earth to do. It is very easy for us to love people with conditions especially those who are mean to us or belittle us, or look at us the wrong way.

Loving people the way that Christ loved us is impossible if we try to do it without God’s help. As Christ-followers we can only love those around us, especially our enemies with the help of the helper the Holy Spirit. Through the Spirit we are enabled to love those and pray for those who we have trouble getting along with.  It’s easy to love those that we like and have a natural affection for. Jesus says that even non-believers do that. To love one the same level that Jesus loves; is to put aside selfish desires and hurt feelings, it is to embrace a call to love without conditions, that is the way that Christ loves and it is the way that I want to love those I interact with even if they give me a nasty look.

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