The Power of Names

So today I am trying my hand at a writing challenge. The details can be found here:

Every name has a meaning. We choose a name because it has meaning and power to us. One of the questions that is asked in this challenge is do you like your name. I can say that I truly love my name Jared, even though I had to endure many jokes about Jared the Subway guy and Jared’s galleria of jewelry. It can only be Jared!

My name is from Hebrew, which means it has been around awhile. The Hebrew meaning of the name Jared is one who rules! That is a very powerful meaning. I have thought often as to how does my life reflect the meaning of my name. I believe that God gives everyone their name for a reason. In my life here is how I have seen the meaning of my name play out. When I was in high school I felt a tug on my heart from God to become a pastor one day. At the time I did not want to, mostly because I hated public speaking when I was younger. God has selected me to be a leader and I choose to accept this path that God has laid out for me. Ever since high school, I have been involved in ministry and today I am currently a youth pastor. I want to make the most out of my name and lead in a way that honors God.

I have the name Jared for a reason and I love my name.

What does your name mean?

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