Short Story Wednesday Part 3

Jack’s mind was in a raging debate. Where should he go first? He really wanted to warn his girlfriend, she surely wouldn’t understand the mortal peril that she was in. She was a fighter, strong and brave. It was not of her choice. She came from a very rough background. An orphan, who bounced from foster home to foster home. She did not have a real solid family to turn to.

She met Jack at his work. She was enamored with him from the beginning. He was kind of quiet, reserved, yet had a gentle warmth about him that she was drawn to. She frequented the coffee shop often. She always made small talk with him, when she was ordering, hoping that he would pick up on her subtle hints and ask her out. It took about a month for that day to come. Jack, was slow to ask her because he was afraid of getting rejected, he was afraid he was reading the signals wrong. He finally couldn’t wait any longer; he went ahead and asked her out, while he was on his lunch break. He couldn’t imagine life without her. That is why he was walking towards her house. He turned the corner on Park West Road; the neighborhood was just starting to roar to life, as it was about 7am. Kids climbing into their parent’s cars, with their backpacks on, business men and woman rushing to their cars hands full of laptops, folders, briefcases. No one was paying him any mind as he approached his girlfriend’s house. It was a nice, small two-bedroom house, painted light green with gray trim and a big French door.

He walked up the steps to the front door and knocked…

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