Improvements. We long to improve in our lives. I know that for myself, I long to get better at every thing that I do. I love music. I have been involved in church music (worship) for many years now. At the last church I was at I mainly played bass. The worship leader at the time was my good friend Lindsay Love. Towards the end of my time at that church, she gave me voice lessons and helped me learn some new strum patterns and fingerpicking. It was something I worked on and enjoyed doing it, even though I didn’t know exactly when I would put these improvements to use.

Fast-forward to today. I have been putting what I learned from my friend into practice. I am now a youth pastor and I lead the students in worship, my hope is one day to cultivate a youth band. For now I am leading the worship time and I am thankful for the time that Lindsay invested in me. Improvements are important, we should be striving to strengthen our strengthens. It is nice to be able to see improvement.

What areas do you want to improve in?

2 thoughts on “Improvements

  1. What a great challenge, Jared! It is so tempting to just “go fishing” (John 21). What have we been set apart for and to do. If we don’t care, will our purpose ever be fulfilled “in Christ”. I want to finish well!

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