Spring Training

Why I love spring.

I love spring because it means that baseball is coming back, and in fact spring training has already started. I also like to think of spring training, because it brings to mind great childhood memories of my grandparents taking my sister and myself to Yuma, Arizona, where the Padres used to have their spring training home, now it’s Peoria. Every spring, always starts a new hope, that for once the Padres might actually win the World Series. It’s always good to have that new hope. This year is no different for me. I always believe they can win it. One thing to know about me, I am an optimist, big time.

Baseball has always been my first love. It always brings me to my happy place. There is nothing I love more than going to a ballgame. It’s like the beach for me, super relaxing. A great way to escape the world and its stresses for a few hours can’t wait for the regular season to start, and making a few trips out to Petco Park this year.

Go Padres!

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