Short Story Wednesday Part 2.

Short Story Wednesday Part 2.

Jack, feeling very tired and fatigued from sleeping on the rock-solid ground for the last few days moved slowly. He was pretty sure that the nearest street to him was only a few miles away. He knew he had to think of a plan. He needed to find someone with a phone, so he could make contact with his roommate warning him that some unwanted guests might be arriving. That is if they had not already been there looking for Jack. He feared for his roommate’s life.

Jack was sad, knowing this meant he would have to move. Just as he was starting to feel a little grounded. He was sure that as long as he was in the city, that he would have be looking around every corner and bend. He didn’t know how was going to break the news to his longtime girlfriend Victoria Lambert. He was worried his employers at the coffee shop, the drug lords, would target her for his whereabouts.

As he was dwelling upon all of his thoughts, he had paid little attention to where he was going. His eyes started squinting automatically as he had found the road. The sun was beating down on Him. The warmth of the sun was a little overwhelming at first, but he was glad that he had found a road. He now thought of where to go first.

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