Changing Habits

Ever since I have been married, I with my wonderful wife’s help have been trying to eat better. This has been a great struggle. I don’t ever remember a time in my life where I have wanted to change my mind about what I was doing. The first week went well, it was easy and it was really nice to see some immediate weight lost. The second week I did not quite have the same enthusiasm as I did at the start. I started craving, dreaming, about hamburgers and fries, pizza, bread. Sarah and I are following the 100 sugar- calorie diet by Jorge Cruise. Basically, anything with bread and sugar are cut out of the diet. I love bread, so that has probably been the toughest battle for me. Though it has been hard, I have found some benefits of my new eating habits.

  • I have way more energy; I used to think that you needed sugar to have energy. Since, I have started this diet, I have more energy than I have felt in a while.
  • I feel more focused. I have noticed more productivity in my work while I have been following this diet. I have been more focused and can concentrate better on what I am doing.
  • My pants are getting looser! What a great feeling. I am very close to my goal weight.
  • I can still eat steak and bacon! two of my favorites!

I know this diet is good for me; I know there will be days when I feel liking giving in. It is my desire to stick with it and think on the positives because I want to be to enjoy life for as long as God will allow me.

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