Short Story Part 1

Hey Everyone. I have decided that Wednesdays will be short-stories day! I will make up a short story every Wednesday, I might add some that are more than one part, who doesn’t love suspense?! Here we go.

Craving something to eat, Jack Lester was on a quest to find anything different then he had for the last week. His diet for the past week had consisted of bugs and small insects. Jack, having just freed himself was trying to make his way to the city. He knew the reason that He was captured, was because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had heard the two drug lords grand plan to use the coffee shop that he was a barista at, which the drug lords also owned. He wasn’t trying to listen, they were in the back of the shop, as he was cleaning the dirty dishes. They had not noticed him standing there. When they started talking. He tried to walk out of the room unnoticed, but he tripped on the floor mat. Unfortunate timing.

The drug lords, were unwilling to take the chance that he had not heard their discussion. They both caught up with him quickly. They were also mindful that there was a coffee shop, full of customers. They turned Jack around, as he was about to enter the main dining area. They blindfolded him, put him in the trunk of one of their cars; and then proceeded to drive to the forest. They didn’t want any blood on their hands, so they just figured they would take him to a remote part of the forest and leave him there to rot, hoping that an animal would come looking for a meal and be pleasantly surprised when they found Jack.

To be continued next Wednesday…

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