Leading others is always a challenge. Leadership development is very necessary and orientation training for leading others is an essential part of leading a team. One of the areas that I found a need for further leadership development myself, is the area of leading others. At the last church I was at, they did not do an adequate job in teaching methods of volunteer training and development of volunteers.

I spent two days this past week at a volunteer training workshop. During those two days I saw a number of areas that I need to strengthen and improve in my volunteer training. To do effective ministry there has to be a strong team mentality and the volunteers need to know what is expected and required of them. One of the biggest take aways from those two days: one must identify what a win is for their team. Teams celebrate wins and all great teams know what a win looks like.

As I process what I learned this past week, one of my main areas of focus will be on deciding what a win looks like in my ministry. I am excited for the challenge and I am looking forward to becoming a better leader and giving my volunteers adequate training, the kind I wish I had gotten my first few years in ministry.

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