Rules and Regulations

As I have been contemplating a return to blogging. I have been on a hunt for articles that will help me write a better blog. I have discovered that there is a plethora of information out there. So many different ideas and concepts that people employ in their blogs. Some of articles have been quite helpful.

This post was very informative and I am glad that I read it. I had always been curious as to what the optimal length of blog should be. I enjoy blogs that are just a little longer than a tweet. I enjoy blogs that have many words, and that take me a few minutes to read. My blog will probably be pretty concise as that is just who I am. I will probably on occasion will write a long diatribe about something that is on my mind, especially if I am moody. There is also a good chance, I might write a couple of short stories and throw them up here as well. That will be scary for me, but I am excited for the challenge of it. When I was younger I used to write stories, without any punctuation it was quite funny trying to read it once I had printed it out. I was obsessed with Jurassic Park, so many of my stories were based off dinosaurs and humans getting killed by them; it was quite entertaining.

Here’s to new horizons and adventures, and maybe even a story about a dinosaur killing a human.

3 thoughts on “Rules and Regulations

  1. the best blogs I like to read are those that are precise, written from the heart about subjects that are dear to the writer, but also subjects that affect all of us, just be yourself, avoid talking about yourself to much, (unless you are looking for help in dealing with a crisis, most people are anxious to help a fellow in need)if you talk about varied topics you get an idea of what people like to read about. one thing I learn is putting yourself out there can show who likes your stuff and who doesn’t, and commenting in blogs, videos and forums honestly and truthfully on whatever subject your commenting on, you get a feel for the reactions of others, some will slam you, you learn from that, some will complement you, some will just like it without comment, this gives you a good feel for your audience. nothing like subjects of common interest to all fellow humans.

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